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Wine Tasting: Oxy-Dazed

21st May 2022 2pm3:30pm

Whether first created by accident or on purpose, speculations around the true origins of oxidative wines abound. What we know for sure is that vin jaune is emblematic of a place, the Jura.

Traditionally made from Savagnin grapes by maturing the wines in open barrels under a thin layer of yeast, vin jaune takes its name from the deep yellow hue it develops after years of ageing.

From Arbois to Chateau Chalon, we’ll compare different winemakers’ thoughts and ideas on this method and the impact it has on the wine.

Join us for a tasting in our private dining room La Cachette hosted by our sommelier James where we’ll share some bottles from our cellars and snacks provided by the kitchen.

The Wines:

2013 Michel Gahier Melon La Fauquette

2014 François Rousset-Martin Balanoz V4

2012 Domaine de Saint Pierre Savagnin de Voile

2012 Chevassu-Fassenet Château-Chalon

2007 A & JF Ganevat Château-Chalon

Wine Tasting: Oxy-Dazed

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