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Wine Dinner


12th July 2023 7pm11pm

AOC is short for Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, a standard established in 1935 to regulate the production of wine in France and guarantee consumers a reliable level of consistency when buying wine.

While the system aims at preserving tradition and protecting buyers, it also comes with rules and constraints that often stifle winemakers’ creativity and their ability to highlight those relevant aspects of terroir that can make each wine unique.

The winemakers featured in this selection are proof that, renouncing labels to prioritise the freedom to work with their varieties and methods of choice can produce outstanding results.

Join our founder Jonathan in the dining room La Cachette for an intimate dinner featuring distinctive wines from growers across France, alongside a special menu by chef Harry Lester, who will be cooking at Planque for one night only.

Please note that we cannot accommodate for dietaries during these dinners.

The Wines:

Alexandre Jouveaux Le Mont 2019

Alice & Olivier de Moor Sans-Bruit 2017

Thomas Popy Sous La Roche Maldru 2016

Richard Leroy Les Noëls de Montbenault 2015

Pierre Andrey PNGA19

L'Arbre Blanc Les Orgues 2017

Aurélien Lefort Sérum 2019

L'Anglore Véjade 2018


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