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Wine Dinner

Wine Dinner: Sand Castles

14th July 2022 7pm11pm

With summer holidays and Mediterranean beaches in mind, we turn our gaze to the sandy vineyards of the Southern Rhône whose wines have for centuries quenched the thirst of writers and Popes.

Despite the region's dry, hot summers, the presence of sand in the soil lends elegant wines with delicate tannins. Open and expressive, glass after glass what each of these wines delivers is greater than the sum of its parts.

Join us for an intimate dinner in the dining room La Cachette to enjoy a wine selection that covers all bases, from established domaines to young and venturesome vignerons.

The wines:

2020 Valentin Vallès Goeland

2019 Romain Le Bars La Clau

2016 L'Anglore Tavel

2020 Clos des Grillons Calcaire

1997 Domaine Gramenon La Mémé

2003 Chateau Rayas

1998 Henri Bonneau Reserve des Celestins

2007 Chateau de Beaucastel Hommage à Jacques Perrin

Wine Dinner: Sand Castles

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New Opening Times

Starting from this summer our opening times are changing. From Tuesday 1st August onwards, our restaurant will be open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, and for lunch on Saturday as usual.

Summer Break

Our last day open before the holidays is Saturday 5th August. We will be back as usual from Tuesday 15th August.