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Wine Tasting: Coteaux!

10th September 2022 2pm3:30pm

The words Champagne and sparkling didn’t always go hand in hand. Before the 18th century the region was known for its still wines. It was only when a handful of prestigious producers started investing in the marketing of sparkling wines that bubbles became synonymous with Champagne.

After a short hiatus in popularity, the region’s still wines, Coteaux Champenois, are today making a comeback. A tendency set in motion by a new wave of artisanal grower producers who are bringing the focus back to the vineyard, while tapping into the diversity of this richly varied terroir.

Join us in the private dining room La Cachette to taste some of the most exciting examples from a selection of growers we admire.

The Wines:

2014 Aurélien Lurquin Les Crayères

2018 Thimothée Stroebel Le Vin Tranquille

NV Jerome Lefevre Composition 1

2016 Emilien Feneuil Les Goulats

2011 Françoise Martinot

Wine Tasting: Coteaux!

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