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Wine Tasting: Indigenous Grapes of the Valais

9th April 2022 1pm2:30pm

Domestic demand for wine is so high in Switzerland that not very much of it is left for the export, and most of its indigenous grapes are still today uncharted territory for many outside of the region.

We climb the sun-kissed hills of the Valais, Switzerland’s largest wine producing region, to learn about the local winemakers who are focused on preserving lesser-know native grapes, while fostering diversity in the vineyard and the bond between wine and place.

Join us for a tasting hosted by our sommelier James at the lounge table to enjoy some of our favourite bottles from our cellar and snacks provided by the kitchen.

The wines:

2015 Christophe Abbet Arvine

2008 Domaine de Beudon Fendant (Chasselas)

2014 Christophe Abbet Cornalin

2016 Christophe Abbet Humagne

2016 Domaine de Beudon Humagne


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