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Wine Tasting: L'Anglore & Students

9th July 2022 1pm2:30pm

The image of the Tavel appellation is often linked to its mass produced, watermelon pink rosés. However, since the first vintage in 2002 Eric Pfifferling of L’Anglore has managed to set a different example of what wines could be like around here.

Thanks to a philosophy that encompasses respect of the vineyard, zero interventions in the cellar and lighter macerations, the wines from L’Anglore are vibrant, multifaceted expressions of the South.

Today, many young winemakers are following in the footsteps of L’Anglore, making wines that bring out intriguing nuances of this region’s diverse terroir. Uplifting rosés with the complexity of reds, and generous reds that despite the power of their fruit come alive in the glass with a subtlety of aromas often reserved to wines from colder climates.

Join us in the dining room La Cachette to taste a selection of cuvées from Eric Pfifferling and his students, with snacks provided by the kitchen. 

The wines:

2018 L'Anglore Chemin de La Brune

2018 Romain Le Bars Tavel

2018 L'Anglore Tavel

2019 Valentin Vallès Rollier

2016 L'Anglore Lirac


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