George Tomlin

George Tomlin

George Tomlin is the co-founder and creative mind behind restaurant and wine bar Silex, one of Zurich’s favourite destinations.

From his early days as a chef in Melbourne, to London’s Clove Club and P.Franco, his style has continued to evolve, winning him accolades no matter where he goes.

Last August George joined Planque kitchen for our monthly collaboration dinner and we could’t miss the opportunity to chat about wine. Here is everything he shared with us.

George Tomlin

George TomlinGeorge Tomlin
George TomlinGeorge Tomlin

1. You're handed a wine list, what do you do?

Generally I give it to my wife. She knows way more than I do (about most things really) and also knows exactly what I like.

2. How do you know the wine you're drinking is good?

Define good really. For me there's so many factors involved, weather, what I’m eating, who I’m with. I've also had more banging cheaper wines in my life than crazy expensive ones.

3. What is something fascinating you’ve been told over lunch?

It's more random and weird than fascinating but did you know woodpeckers wrap their tongues around their brains to keep it steady whilst they peck away.

4. In whose company do you most enjoy drinking wine?

My wife, Julia. We run our restaurant together so it’s nice to have time apart but she’s pretty alright really.

George TomlinGeorge Tomlin
George Tomlin George Tomlin

5. Can you describe your ideal combination of wine, music, and setting?

Total ideal would be surrounded by mates and family (maybe with the kids locked up somewhere). Beach but not too hot, slightly chilled light red and listening to some old punky rocky stuff, think Melvins or Kyuss

6. What sort of food would you add to the equation?

Grilled and raw shellfish. I love it and miss it quite a lot being stuck in a landlocked country currently.

7. What is the most memorable bottle of wine you’ve drank?

When I first moved to Melbourne in 2013 I was super into fermentation in cooking. At the same time we opened The Town Mouse and they had a focus on Naturals. I vividly remember trying one of the oranges from Cantina Giardino (I can’t remember now which). It was so funky and sour and tasted like a true fermented product and for me was a real eye opener as to how diverse the world of wine is.

8. Where did you drink it?

At The Town Mouse in Melbourne, after work and probably rather drunk at this point.

George Tomlin George Tomlin

9. Is there a characteristic you look for in a wine and in a friend?

Reliability. It’s not the most important in either but very universal. My drinking style now you could say is a little more classic and I have no issues with a touch of added sulfur if it means I can drink aged white wines happily.

10. What is your approach to drinking?

It's a social thing but also a way to unwind. I drink more beer than wine as a knockoff after my working shift. Wine for me is something a little more special, meetings with friends or a dinner out. In saying that I try a lot of wines at Silex.

11. Do you apply this approach in other aspects of life?

In a sense. It’s all about the moderation and for me allowing indulgences. Finding ways to deal with the stress of watching 2 crazy toddlers can be as simple as passing out on the couch and watching some shit TV after they go to sleep.

12. What shall we open next?

Champagne, I’m not too picky when it comes to this. Keep it smaller, grower producers and I’m happy. I had a Selosse Millesime 2007 not too long ago, wouldn’t mind more of that if you’re paying.

George Tomlin George Tomlin

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