Kimi Zoet

Kimi Zoet

Last June, we invited multimedia artist Kimi Zoet to host a series of events here at Planque. For the month-long residency, Zoet created hand-painted canvases and drawings inspired by her relationship to the natural world.

Kimi Zoet’s work is focused on fictional storytelling through drawing, installation, singing and writing. Her relationship to art is a way to understand and empathise with the surrounding natural environment, while finding wonder in ordinary moments.

During this time, we had the chance to ask Zoet a few things about wine.

Here is our conversation.

Kimi Zoet
Kimi ZoetKimi Zoet

1. You're handed a wine list, what do you do?

I usually don't spend too much time studying the wine list. I tend to prefer light, dry wines that aren't overly fruity, so I often ask the waiter for their recommendation.

2. How do you know the wine you're drinking is good?

Honestly, it's difficult for me to judge whether a wine is good or not. My perception of the wine is influenced by the ambiance of the place where it's served and the level of care and passion put into serving it. I find that passion for anything is contagious and enhances the experience.

3. What is something fascinating you've been told over lunch?

I really don’t know. By my friends? Maybe interesting book recommendations.

4. In whose company do you most enjoy drinking wine?

My old friends.

Kimi Zoet Kimi Zoet

5. Can you describe your ideal combination of wine, music, and setting?

The ideal combination for me depends on the location. If I'm in Lisbon, sitting in a cozy bar, I would love to listen to fado music. If I'm at PLANQUE I prefer to explore new tracks and beats, perhaps discovering new genres of music, hidden gems, music of the world.

6. What sort of food would you add to the equation?

Light and experimental dishes!

7. What is the most memorable bottle of wine you've had?

I don’t know the name.

8. Where did you drink it?

A small vineyard in Croatia

Kimi ZoetKimi Zoet

9. Is there a characteristic you look for in a wine and in a friend?

I don't think so

10. What is your approach to drinking?

Sometimes I like to relax and unwind with a couple of glasses of wine. Sometimes, I enjoy having a load of beers when I'm out with friends at a pub. My approach to drinking varies depending on the location and the mood.

11. Do you apply this approach in other aspects of life?

Yes! Sometimes I am up for throwing myself deep into things, no matter the consequences (a stonking hangover). Sometimes I enjoy simple, slower pleasures, like a slow swim in the morning, or a coffee with reading a book!

12. What shall we open next?

Ooh. I am biased, but PLANQUE as a place that nurtures slow looking/ eating/listening. It might be cool to open a wine bar with resident DJs, poets, or artists.

Kimi ZoetKimi Zoet

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