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Anna is a Berlin based, Australian born artist and art director. She started the Instagram Good Food Crap Drawing as a way of documenting her food footsteps. Luckily for us, she soon began to render some of her favourite wines using her eponymous connector-pen style under the name Good Wine Crap Drawing. We collaborated with Anna recently to develop a range of illustrations of some of our favourite wines, which are available in our store.

Below, you can get to know Anna a little better through our twelve question Case Study.

1. You're handed a wine list, what do you do?

Usually panic, if there's nothing on the list that I recognise.

2. How do you know the wine you're drinking is good?

I honestly don't know anymore? If you keep going back for more, if it makes you smile, then it's good.

3. What is something fascinating you’ve been told over lunch?

Nothing comes to mind, I think I drank too much to remember?

4. In whose company do you most enjoy drinking wine?

I will drink wine with anyone, but it's especially enjoyable with my friends who love drinking it and who don't take it too seriously.

Anna VuAnna Vu
Anna VuAnna Vu

5. Can you describe your ideal combination of wine, music, and setting?

There's nothing better than a Pet Nat, 90's r'n'b, sunshine, the salty ocean breeze and sand between your toes.

6. What sort of food would you add to the equation?

Probably fish and chips or fried chicken.

7. What is the most memorable bottle of wine you’ve drank?

I finally got to drink the 2011 Pierre Overnoy - Emmanuel Houillon Arbois Pupillin Poulsard, last year and then got to try it again this year. It was interesting to see how the same vintage changed over a year!

8. Where did you drink it?

Both times were at a friend's place.

Anna VuAnna Vu
Anna VuAnna Vu

9. Is there a characteristic you look for in a wine and in a friend?

Not really. Just good times shared between both.

10. What is your approach to drinking?

To just enjoy it, trust your instincts about what you're drinking and have fun!

11. Do you apply this approach in other aspects of life?

I try to! Trusting your own beliefs and instincts in life aren't as easy as it sounds though.

12. What shall we open next?

Something Aussie. I miss Australia and (some of) it's wines. Maybe something from Ochota Barrels - I really loved Taras' approach to wine making and it was sad to lose him.

Anna VuAnna Vu
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